Rumors and Reality: Understanding the Phases of NORCET 6 Selection

No selection without Skill test ? Know in detail about the new process for NORCET 6


12/18/20232 min read

people in white shirt holding clear drinking glasses
people in white shirt holding clear drinking glasses

There has been a lot of speculation and rumors circulating about the upcoming NORCET 6 selection process. One of the most talked-about rumors is that the selection will now be conducted in three phases, with the third phase being a skill test. However, it is important to clarify that the reality is quite different from what is being said in viral videos and messages.

Let's set the record straight. The third phase that is being mentioned is not actually a part of the selection process itself. It is important for NORCET 6 aspirants to understand that this so-called third phase comes after the qualification of the preliminary and mains exams, and after joining as a nursing officer. In other words, it is more like an orientation, skill training, and knowledge upgradation program.

It is understandable that rumors can create confusion and anxiety among aspirants. Therefore, it is crucial to rely on accurate information and not get carried away by hearsay. The selection process for NORCET 6 remains the same as before, with the preliminary and mains exams being the primary stages of evaluation.

Once the candidates successfully clear the preliminary and mains exams, they will be eligible for joining as nursing officers. It is at this point that the so-called third phase comes into play. This phase is designed to provide additional training and enhance the skills and knowledge of the newly recruited nursing officers.

While the skill test and training in the third phase are important, it is essential to emphasize that the joining of candidates does not depend on this phase. The selection is primarily based on the performance in the preliminary and mains exams. The third phase is more of an opportunity for the nursing officers to further develop their expertise and excel in their roles.

Aspirants should focus on preparing for the preliminary and mains exams, as these are the crucial steps towards qualifying for the NORCET 6 selection. It is advisable to invest time and effort in understanding the exam pattern, syllabus, and practicing previous year question papers to enhance their chances of success.

In conclusion, it is important to separate rumors from reality when it comes to the NORCET 6 selection process. The three phases that are being discussed are not part of the selection process itself, but rather a subsequent phase aimed at providing skill training and knowledge upgradation to the selected nursing officers. Aspirants should remain focused on the primary stages of the selection process and prepare accordingly.